Products and Prices

All our surfaces are laid over Silica Sand and we recommend a depth of 75mm of Pasada™ PVC Granules be laid over 75mm of Silica Sand. This is best laid in two separate layers uncompacted so that there is an even cover of the two materials. Once laid the Pasada™ PVC Granules should be chain harrowed into the Silica Sand to get them to mix together. Once there is a uniform mixture it does help if the surface can be rolled to help compaction and this is particularly effective after it has rained or been watered.

For our RubberTrax surface we recommend a depth of 50mm be laid over 100mm of Silica Sand, the sand should be watered and rolled tight before the rubber is added. Laying the sand down a few weeks before the rubber is added, will help with the compaction.

Maintenance on all  surfaces, the droppings should be removed and the surface levelled regularly until it has firmed. Levelled not harrowed as this will stop the compaction. Chain harrows turned upside down work well or a metal five bar gate also works. Harrowing should only be done when the surface is to hard and compacted.

All of our horse riding surfaces are manufactured to the highest standards and quality, providing a consistant and durable all weather surface for many years to come.

If you would like us to send you a written quotation and some samples of our equestrian surfaces, please complete the customer Request Information Form. Once we have received the completed form, we will forward by return our most competitive delivered prices and any samples of our all weather surfaces that you may require.